I've Been Banned/Auto-Kicked Form

If you have been banned from thepwned's servers, this is the place to appeal it.

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I've Been Banned/Auto-Kicked Form

Postby Trexxasaurus » Wed Oct 15, 2008 10:28 pm

(updated: 1/29/09)

If you have been banned or auto-kicked by an admin from thepwned servers and wish to appeal your ban with the community please fill this form out and post a forum titled "Yourname Ban Appeal" in this forum.

Doing this will help get things organized and will help the process of unbanning you if you are seen as eligible of being unbanned.

Here is the form:

What is your in-game name?

When did you get banned/auto-kicked?

What server were you banned from?

What admin do you think banned you?

Why do you think you got banned?

What is your steam id?

If you have anything else to add, just include a short sentence or two under the form either explaining the reason why you got banned or so on.

Also, if we have decided to unban you in a certain time period, it is your responsibility to come back after that length and request to be unbanned. It is not our responsibility to remember. Make a new thread linking your last thread or PM one of the moderators. This will help the process go smoother.

Hopefully you don't have to use this form,

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