How to Become Admin ***READ***

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How to Become Admin ***READ***

Postby 3z » Wed Oct 17, 2007 2:55 am

We run our servers as a not for profit, so all the money goes towards paying the server bills, and acquiring new community-related features with the surplus.

Becoming an admin on our servers requires 3 steps.

    1. Fill out the survey below.
    2. Get accepted by the community by gaining votes.
    3. Donate $10 a month via paypal.

Anyone wanting to become an admin on the servers must start a thread under this forum, and take this short survey (please entitle your thread "yourname for Admin"):

    1. What is your in-game name?
    2. What other admins do you know?
    3. Have you ever been an admin anywhere before?
    4. Are you familiar with Sourcemod?
    5. What times of the day do you usually play?
    6. What time zone are you in?
    7. What is your steam ID?
    8. How long have you been around thepwned?

You will then receive feedback from all our players, and as a group, we will determine if you fit the team. Please note that this is not a straight forward Yes or No poll, instead the feedback the community gives will be used by the managers to decide if you are suitable to receive admin or not. We reserve the right to disagree with the majority of the community if we have our own reasons for thinking you would or wouldn't make a good admin. This is a relatively short process that all admins must go through, as we don't offer server admin access to just anyone. Try to refrain from bumping your application thread excessively, just because no-one has posted for a few days does not mean it isn't still being considered, if it has been inactive for over a week then bumping it is fine.

Please feel free to offer anything else that might benefit you in this process.

If you are accepted to become an admin, you will receive a message with a private donation link where you will have to use paypal. Any donations made before receiving this PM will be considered as a server donation only, not to gain admin.


What you get when you become admin:

    1. Admin access on all of our game servers, both thepwned and STFU (no rcon).
    2. Access to our reserved slot (on the servers that have them).
    3. Permanent access to the admins only forum "Special People".
    4. Access to admin skins on the servers that have them.
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