Wank8:43:13pmbruh where STFU AT!!!
PatZilla10:59:27pmHa, Wank...there all dead, brotha.
Inoob2:43:43pmAnyone play Xbox?
Inoob2:44:06pmPretty much only thing I play sometimes
Inoob2:44:14pmMiss everyone and hope everyone is doing well!
Massacre7:42:11pmthis map brings back the memories https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toPFF-y4Zpk
n0n@m31:15:36ammiss that map
Chelsea4:37:06amMe and Hoxton got married!!!
PatZilla5:18:22pmwho's Hoxton?
Chelsea11:55:09pmWho ever is trying to be chelsea on here is pull shit...Majorpain and i got married....
Chelsea11:56:04pmadd me on steam
Chelsea11:58:30pmI love Hoxton's DICK
Chelsea11:59:06pmI love incest and ISIS
Suicidal Taco11:59:34pmDo you still live in Florida, Inoob?
Suicidal Taco11:59:47pmgross chelsea
PatZilla1:57:50amHonestly, no clue who the hell is just fucking around on here or not. I am the real PatZilla. Fuck Kakashi and Lothar!
PatZilla1:58:59amAnd Sphinx...buncha jabroni D bags.
WAnkstA1:22:03amyeoo any of ya play pubg
n0n@m35:26:26amPUBG LUL
bob ross8:36:37pmwoop
3z6:20:42amhi people!
KM12:42:39amIs this place still alive?
Dumb12:42:55amfuck all of you
KM12:52:33amam i alive?
Waffles11:07:00pmAre you?
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