Waffles5:55:53amdude same
Chelsea6:34:15pmWho the fuck was using my name ya cunts
SkankHunt426:49:51pmChelsea, you have a potty mouth.
SkankHunt426:50:01pmEat a dick.
SkankHunt426:50:12pm@Chelsea - 8==
Waffles5:18:01amdude same
Kakashi10:45:24pmWant to lick some Eggos together, Wales
Kakashi10:45:34pmWaffles? Lawlllz
PatZilla3:16:44amHi, I'm bopo.
Steve3:17:08amYou guys still use this sight? LoL
KP1:41:46am^---Fuck that guy.
Meep2:33:21amShut up, Steve.
pb9:03:10pmis everyone still alive
Jelly1:25:54amYes, been waiting for you all my life, pb.
Massacre6:39:40pmWe need to get on a gmod build server and goof off like old times.
Waffles6:51:03amIf we do anything I think a l4d night would be good, doesn't need too many people on all at once. I guess neither does gmod either though.
Scytche5:30:17amI love you all and miss everyone, Im considering getting back into gaming again I miss everyone....
Scytche5:30:33amWhere is 3Z?
Chelsea1:01:36amtwo year anniversery with hoxton
W4nkstA3:56:15amREUNION JU HUIID
W4nkstA4:47:10amdead ass tho where the pro hoes at
W4nkstA4:47:50amlets take over servers and Unite in zombie mod STFU REPRESENT JU HUIID!
Buzzlive7:11:54pmvideo games
Shadow6:52:35amoh, hi Mark
PatZilla2:09:27am I have returned.
PatZilla11:48:29pmIt appears I've arrived to a ghost site. No more zmod populated by Constant Gamers.
Wank1:57:51amIT WILL SOON G
Waffles3:53:16amYep, fairly ghosted
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