mattlagz8:27:05pmooh the memories
PatZilla3:52:40pmmattlagz, zmod...let's do it.
PatZilla8:30:22pmThis place is fucking inactive. No good. MATT WHERE ARE YOU! 3z, not you mattlagz!
Hudalla4:53:08amwow guys
Hudalla4:53:33amholy shit
Hudalla4:53:47amits hudalla people
Hudalla5:01:27amAdd me on steam it would be good to hear from you all.
PatZilla8:25:54pmHudalla, whats going on, dude? Seriously, this place is almost a dead zone!
Waffles5:01:37amAh, yes, almost a dead zone, but not a dead zone yet.
Silentcry12|AnnaMolly!1:26:12amWhat's up sluts. How's life? Been outta the Marines now since December, going to college now in California lol; liberal as fuckkkkk in college.
Silentcry12|AnnaMolly!1:27:42amI hear Kp still likes men. :shrug:
Silentcry12|AnnaMolly!1:29:30amAlso, Patzilla... The denizens that matter still show face here and there :shrug: I think it's been like 7 years since I've actually played CS
Silentcry12|AnnaMolly!1:30:33amIf anyone wants to add me on Xbox Live though, I can usually be found playing Battlefield 1 or 4, and Rainbox 6 Siege.
Gamer tag is: Silentcry8
Silentcry12|AnnaMolly!1:30:51amJust add me and send a message explaining who the hell you are lol
PatZilla2:26:42amha, sounds about right Silentcry. I hadn't played myself for around that duration of time.
PatZilla6:48:17pmNarp? lol
TWITLEDUM2:05:44amI'm glad the website is still active
Waffles1:58:56amOh boy
Waffles2:04:47amThe website's been on this design for so long now that I forgot about the red design version
TWITLEDUM10:55:57pmAnyone play blizzard games? or Pubg or rocket league>
Nubblecakes2:29:46amOh hai guis
Waffles5:17:36amI play a weeeeee bit of overwatch but thats about it, don't own pubg or RL, but i know a lot of folks do have em both. Ohey nubbles.
Nubblecakes4:14:17amBeen playing a lot of Diablo 3 and PUBG lately. Starting Divinity Original Sin 2 and Shadow Warrior 2 with some people soon.
PatZilla1:57:04pmMy gaming life consists of my N64 and NES. lol
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