PatZilla12:27:27amNew England Patriots going to their 9th superbowl appearance with the GOAT. GO PATS!
Sealed Fate3:41:03amSTFU on Pubg??? wuhh
PatZilla2:07:49amThe New England Patriots have won their 6th superbowl. Glorious.
pb5:45:59pmwhats 3z up to
PatZilla11:02:46pmpb, myth has it that he roams these sites secretly.
PatZilla11:02:58pmBetter question is did he think anyone would return after all these years?
MazdaSpeed7:59:33pmHey Pat you still making those sweet youtube vids ?
MazdaSpeed8:00:44pmAlso think this chat needs a proper date stamp.
PatZilla1:54:55amhaha, no sir. Kinda stopped those a few years ago. I agree man. A date would be nice.
PatZilla1:55:20amIt'd be nice to know who actually still visits this site and where everyone is in their life now. A where are they now, sorta thing. ^_^
Twitledumb3:53:42amA lot has changed in 10 years
PatZilla1:58:04amUsually does, my man.
Fredrica2:27:43amanyone wanna play ZM?
Chelsea9:36:48amPatzilla add me on steam
Applethief9:40:13amdo it
PatZilla12:28:17amHey Chelsea, I dont game much anymore. Not enough time these days unfortunately
Chelsea7:52:16amThats okay!
@Twitledumb -
alot does i married Major Pain IRL
kaliber2:15:15amjust popping in
kaliber2:15:23amto see what nerd shit is going on
PatZilla8:58:52pmOnly nerd I see here is you, Kal. ^_^
PatZilla8:59:10pmChelsea, are you and your brother still in PA?
Chelsea6:02:59amYeah, living that amish life.
PatZilla1:07:38amHaha you live in Lancaster?
PatZilla1:07:49amIm in South Jersey now.
WAnkstA1:00:05amYeoooo ju huiiid when we meeting up
steve9:58:59pmI need the IP address for the zombiemod server it's no longer in my favorites
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