TWITLEDUM2:21:04am^ Indeed
PatZilla1:22:29amon a serious note, why is this site still up? I would imagine that 3Z is still paying for it...I would think?
PatZilla1:22:42amBut why pay for something you don't have any part of? lol
Waffles1:47:28amI'd imagine it doesn't cost much and its worth the nostalgia. I know a couple people that leave subscriptions to services like netflix, hulu, etc they sometimes don't use for months at a time
Waffles1:48:10amI'd imagine keeping a website up aint too much as long as he can afford it.
Waffles1:48:29amThough with no ads or revenue coming in any longer he's solely doing it on his own now.
Ricenchicken8:14:01amnerds :^)
PatZilla8:31:12pmThat makes sense, Waffles. Good points.
Massacre6:28:35pmif this website goes away so does my childhood lmao
n0n@m312:02:37pmCan we go back in time to the good old days of thepwned?
n0n@m312:03:13pmmiss it
PatZilla11:35:32pmOnly if Kakashi and Lothar arne't allowed in!
WankstA4:45:17amAyoYa tryna game on CSS tho smh
Spanky4:03:59pmI every 6 months just come here for the lolz
Peryite11:26:01amI missed you guys
Peryite11:26:26amI want to play zomebiemod
Peryite11:31:40amCn i rejoin join stfu :3
PatZIlla1:44:40amWho the fuck are you, man? lol
PatZIlla1:44:51amAnd of course, everyonec can joinm minus Kakashi and Lothar!
banned3:03:19amHey i got banned from your css zm/ze server in 2007 can i get the unban
Scytche7:20:58amCall me Frankenstein, because im alive!
wANksta3:43:51amyeooooooo i dont about ya bout of we could make STFU goochie we must unite!! on
wANksta3:44:36amSTFU needz to be back
PatZilla11:53:49pmI'll lead it. 3z is obviously never, I don't understand why this website is still up if he isn't here.
PatZilla11:54:34pmShit...I'm 29 years old now. The "BUY ADMIN" post was up when I was a senior in high school. lmao
Waffles5:09:04amIt was up when i was in 7th grade...
Waffles5:09:12amso das fun
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