ApplethiefFeb 27, 2019do it
PatZillaFeb 28, 2019Hey Chelsea, I dont game much anymore. Not enough time these days unfortunately
ChelseaFeb 28, 2019Thats okay!
@Twitledumb -
alot does i married Major Pain IRL
kaliberMar 1, 2019Herro
kaliberMar 1, 2019nerds
kaliberMar 1, 2019just popping in
kaliberMar 1, 2019to see what nerd shit is going on
PatZillaMar 3, 2019Only nerd I see here is you, Kal. ^_^
PatZillaMar 3, 2019Chelsea, are you and your brother still in PA?
ChelseaMar 13, 2019Yeah, living that amish life.
PatZillaMar 14, 2019Haha you live in Lancaster?
PatZillaMar 14, 2019Im in South Jersey now.
WAnkstAMar 23, 2019Yeoooo ju huiiid when we meeting up
mr.painMar 30, 2019no
WafflesApr 2, 2019no?
steveApr 15, 2019I need the IP address for the zombiemod server it's no longer in my favorites
ohMay 10, 2019ok
3zMay 10, 2019changed timestamp
WafflesMay 10, 2019Noice
kaliberMay 11, 2019hi steve
PatZillaMay 18, 20193z, do you still have any active servers or vent channel?
WANkstAMay 22, 2019When stfu meeting up tho pubg reddead
3zMay 24, 2019no pat
n0n@m3May 24, 2019Hi
NoccamJun 5, 2019Where can I find the ban list?
PatZillaJun 19, 2019After all these years, 3z, do you not love me anymore!?
CodeyJul 2, 2019Nice to see people are around, well some. I imagine most of you won't remember me, since....2013? Yeah its definitely been to long
PatZillaJul 3, 2019Idk who you are Codey. I used to play here back in idk...'07
WAnkyJul 16, 2019Yeo so wz goodie wit da servers or the new gameplay
WAnkyJul 16, 2019Goochie to know ya still here where all the pro hoes! At
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