SC12 | AnnaMolly!8:52:52pmSluts... Add me on Xbox. I went from being a nerd, to a grunt in the Corps, to now being a Veteran and a college student, majoring in Construction Management and focusing on becoming a General Contractor in a few years.
Anyway, here’s my XboxLive gamer tag - Silentcry8
SC12 | AnnaMolly!8:53:36pmToday’s November 6th, by the way. Seems like I check in here every year or so, lol.
austin7:47:53ami remember playing on this server when i was like between 8-9 years old and i'm turning 20 next year, good times
Stealth2:37:05amFucking nerds
Waffles7:00:35pmHappy Thanksgiving for the folks in the US!
RichardSimmons5:14:14pmHappy Thanksgiving
Inoob3:47:49amhow is everyone doing? jesus u just went through some 10+ years lol
Inoob1:10:57amI have no idea what i meant to type on my last message lmao. Meant to say I havent been on this thing in over 10 years lol
Inoob1:11:09amwell maybe not 10 maybe like 8-9 haha
Inoob1:18:51amUGHHH i dont remember my username and the email i used got deactivated due to no acitivty QQ
Sealed Fate6:38:33amCaptains Log... 12/13/2018 aprox 1:45 am.... any intelligent life out there??
Sealed Fate6:39:42amI'm making bacon and good foods if so... If not... carry on unintelligents.
PatZilla5:30:04pm12/16/18 - 12:29 EST - Writing a short story.
Inoob1:10:11am12/18/18 - 8:09 EST - Looks like there is life after all...
PatZilla6:28:02pm12/20/18 - very little life. When this place was popping this chat filled up quickly and in long periods.
Waffles2:28:43am12/26 - hope yalls had a good holiday and will have a good new year.
WankstA3:40:29pmEverybody busy but, STFU is alive. We should all game for
WankstA3:41:57pmOne night, hijack a server, theres pubg, but not fortnite, redead
PatZilla6:46:54pmFortnite suuuucks. The best days of gaming was when Steam ruled supreme.
PatZilla12:36:10am12/31/18 - 7:35 EST - Interaction amongst the old villagers is seldom.
Waffles12:09:09am1/1 Happy New Year yall
uneedabiscuit2:42:22amyou guys want to catch up on a discord some time? Its been a while.
Kakashi3:00:12amCold AF.
PatZilla12:37:40am@uneedabiscuit - When life gives you lemonz...fuck 'em up.
PatZilla12:27:27amNew England Patriots going to their 9th superbowl appearance with the GOAT. GO PATS!
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