Chelsea1:01:36amtwo year anniversery with hoxton
W4nkstA3:56:15amREUNION JU HUIID
W4nkstA4:47:10amdead ass tho where the pro hoes at
W4nkstA4:47:50amlets take over servers and Unite in zombie mod STFU REPRESENT JU HUIID!
Buzzlive7:11:54pmvideo games
Shadow6:52:35amoh, hi Mark
PatZilla2:09:27am I have returned.
PatZilla11:48:29pmIt appears I've arrived to a ghost site. No more zmod populated by Constant Gamers.
Wank1:57:51amIT WILL SOON G
Waffles3:53:16amYep, fairly ghosted
panda1:33:27amLoon#11762 on overwatch add me bois
Lego5:43:33pmlmfao the fucking mugshot photos are great
Waffles4:54:49amThanks, me too.
PatZilla10:44:15pmThis place will never be like it was four or five years ago...I don't even see 3z commenting.
Waffles6:27:27amPretty sure most people are still active on steam, mostly playing Rocket League. Think a few members still play league together.
Waffles6:28:04amBut its hard to be a community those games only support a handful of people at a time, and old members have their cliques now.
PatZilla8:24:25pmI don't even know what Rocket League is...haha. O wel. They were certainly some fun times
Inoob8:47:55pmLOL i opened up this site and my co worker was like "Why are you looking up mugshots"
Waffles5:12:40am9 years ago, in 8th grade, I started playing CS:S and I joined thepwned. 4 years ago, I graduated highschool, and thepwned started slowing down. In 1 day I'll be graduatin' college and all that's here now is the site and a few people. neat!
PatZilla11:15:26pmThe dissolving of a once great society.
twitledum1:14:35amI was thinkin the same thing
Kakashi11:26:50pmLick my butthole.
Kakashi11:26:58pmYou turd sakz.
The Order6:11:42pmBy the orders of the 3z, we demand all return to the Cyber land of CS ZMod. WIth the exception of Kakashi and Lothar.
Mr.pain11:34:15amMr.pain most certainly likes the sound of that
Waffles6:52:27amYes, but are we cheeky cunts?
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